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Plexiglas® is a trademark name for Acrylic Plastic that has been sold since the 1930's. It is a shatter resistant plastic that is transparent, making it a versatile material used in a variety of applications that require both safety and viewing ability.


Substitute for Glass

Acrylic is used as a transparent glass substitute where glass would be dangerous. Some of these applications include: viewing windows on aircrafts or in museums, residential and commercial aquariums, spectator protection like in ice hockey rinks, and pressure hulls of submersible crafts.

Acrylic Aesthetic Appeal & Artistic Applications

The clear qualities of acrylic can also spark some creativity with its ability to redirect light, either sunlight or artificial. Used in applications such as skylights, or even in art pieces.

Types of Plexiglas® Regal Plastics offers:

Frosted Plexiglas

Best know for its use in display cases and accented by colored light, our frosted Plexiglas will brighten any occasion
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Plexiglas EdgeFX

Dynamic color changing effect & two eye-catching color combinations.
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Plexiglas G P-95 DP-95

Plexiglas® can be used from applications as delicate as optical lenses to skylights or security glass.
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Plexiglas MC

This particular grade of Plexiglas is most commonly used for POP Signage and in-store displays.
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Plexiglas MC Edge

With a see through face, and a vibrant color that can be seen from the edge of this acrylic sheet.
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Plexiglas MC Flourescent

A bright arylic sheet that is sure to catch the eye.
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Specialty Plexiglas Products

The following products are used for very specific applications.
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