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ABS Plastic Sheet

ABS plastic sheet is used in a wide variety applications including trim and accessory panels on trucks and cars. Laminated with a Korad™ acrylic film exterior, ABS sheets have replaced traditional metal materials due to is ease of formability, increased durability, and better weatherability. Spartech ABS sheet (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is one of the most widely used thermoplastics that we offer. Its high rigidity and impact strength combine with its excellent abrasion resistance to make it the ideal material for a wide variety of applications.

ABS sheet also exhibits a high resistance to chemicals, moisture, and high temperatures and can be machined, drilled, or die-cut with relative ease. Review the links for more detailed descriptions of some of our potential solutions to your opportunities, then contact us with your questions and to received a detailed recommendation for your specific application.

ABS Sheets

P-9010 - A medium impact rigid ABS sheet that provides good physical properties at an effective price. Standard stock sheets of 48" x 96" are available in many gauges.

SP-9011SP-9011 combines the toughness of high impact ABS with the weather resistant features of Spartech PEP Korad film, which is laminated to the prime surface of the sheet. SP-9011 provides high impact strength, and UV resistance, yielding a value engineered weatherable sheet product.

SP-9020Rigid ABS thermoplastic sheet offers customized gloss with no sacrifice in performance. Exact resin blends are precisely controlled to achieve gloss, impact and total conformance to customer specifications.

SP-9030A medium impact rigid ABS sheet that provides good physical properties at an economic price. Color capped material with a "field-of-color" substrate (not an exact color match) or a "random" substrate (any shade of gray, which may not be consistent during a run or lot-to-lot) is available subject to special quotation.

SP-9050Rigid ABS thermoplastic sheet offers customized gloss with no sacrifice in performance. Exact resin blends are precisely controlled to achieve gloss in conformance to customer specification, ranging from dull matte to medium gloss, then co-extruded with SP-900 substrate for superior overall property balance.

SP-9080A rigid, medium impact ABS sheet, which has a very high tensile strength and stiffness coupled with high temperature performance and formability.

Royalite® ABS Sheet

ROYALITE® R12A rigid ABS thermoplastic sheet with exceptionally good high temperature performance. Although most ABS has a deflection temperature of 185°F to 210°F, ROYALITE® R12 is rated at 220°F. It has high tensile strength combined with high impact strength and stiffness, excellent formability, good ductility and low temperature properties.

ROYALITE® R20A rigid ABS product with a combination of properties that makes it ideal for the widest range of applications. It has very high impact strength and stiffness, excellent high and low temperature performance and outstanding formability.

ROYALITE® R21An economical, rigid ABS product that provides an ideal balance of properties not available in most low cost ABS sheets. It combines high impact strength and outstanding formability with high tensile strength, high stiffness and excellent low and high temperature performance.

ROYALITE® R24A proprietary Fire Rated ABS thermoplastic sheet product. It is UL listed 94HB@ .060 and above in all colors. In addition R-24 is in conformance with MVSS 302 at .050 and above. R24 combines high impact strength and stiffness with excellent formability. It also has an enhanced heat deflection temperature of 210°F. Manufactured utilizing our proprietary cap sheet technology, R24 provides outstanding color and gloss control and superior grain retention after thermoforming.

ROYALITE® R26A special ABS product that provides an unusual combination of very high tensile strength, impact strength and stiffness, coupled with outstanding formability. Upon request, this Royalite sheet can be formulated to comply with current FDA and NSF requirements for food handling equipment and devices. Combining these special features with the wide range of colors and finishes available gives the greatest possible freedom in meeting application requirements.

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