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Acrylic Sheets with Custom Colors

Acrylic Plastic ColorsAcrylic sheets offer a wide array of options for display cases, picture framing, store fixtures, furniture, signage, privacy partitions and glare-resistant protection for artwork. Acrylic sheets have the benefit of a variety of Colors, Textures and Performance Levels.

Creating Custom Acrylic Colors

**Some sheets may be created in custom colors.

Show us a color or dream one up, and we recreate it. Thousands of colors true to your imagination can be custom matched offering you literally thousands of options for P-O-P displays, store fixtures, signs, and more.

  • There are minimum order requirements, for example:
    • 1/4" thick x 48” x 96” sheets Minimum Order: typically 18 sheets
    • Thinner sheets would require more sheets / thicker sheets would require fewer
  • Allow 6 – 8 week lead time
  • Customer would need to supply a sample of the color they want
  • A 50% deposit required at time of order

Regal Plastics offers the following acrylic colors options:

- Exotic Edge Acrylite®
- Fluorescent Acrylite®
- POP Expressions Acrylite®
- Sterling Collection of Acrylite®

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- Plexiglas® MC Diffusion (for light diffusion lenses)
- Plexiglas® G
- Plexiglas® Frosted
- Plexiglas® DR and T (Added Impact Strength)
- Plexiglas® Hi Def (for rear projection screens)
- Plexiglas® MC Edge (with high intensity color at the edge)
- Plexiglas® SB or SBAR (Bullet Resistant)
- Plexiglas® UF-3 and UF-4 (Framing and Museum Grade)

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- regalSTONE (natural onyx stone colors)
- regal2COLOR (combination Clear and Color sheet)
- regalTRAVERTINE (with the look of travertine marble)
- regalPEARL (pearlescent sheet available in many colors)
- regalMATTE (for cabinet doors or counter tops)
- regalFROST (frosted finish on both sides in 11 colors)

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  • Acrylite®
  • Plexiglas®
  • Specialty Acrylic Sheets

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