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Acrylite Wall Accents

ACRYLITE® Radiant acrylic sheets create dazzling color changes and dramatic eye-catching movement, all without specialty lighting! Radiant sheet magically shimmers with iridescent colors that change as the viewer moves. Using ambient light to create its own lighting effects, Radiant sheet energizes P-O-P displays, signs, and store fixtures. It can be cut, routed, drilled, line bent, polished and thermoformed in slight draws or shallow forms.

Exotic Edge Acrylite®LED Endlighten ACRYLITE® GP sheet has just a slight hint of color until viewed from its edge, where it suddenly BURSTS into one of seven startling colors. Black LED Endlighten provides a sleek look when combined with chrome fixturing. These edge colors give displays, fixtures, shelving and routed lettering a sleek look.

Fluorescent ACRYLITE® GP sheet is available in six attention-grabbing neon colors with vivid edge color and long fluorescent life. Fluorescent Acrylite®Recommended for indoor use, the sheet provides superior uniformity of surface and edge color. For outdoor use, we recommend ACRYLITE® GP FLW fluorescent sheet which is a totally weatherable and offers a long fluorescent life.

POP Touch ACRYLITE® GP acrylic sheets are nine translucent, feel-good colors that warm the spirit and attract the eye. Ranging from soft to spirited, these new colors can be glossy or matte finished on one or both sides. With names that express their color personalities, such as Pretty in Pink or Orange-hue-glad, this color line is functional for a range of applications, especially for highlighting fashion, cosmetics, or home furnishings.

ACRYLITE® Satin Ice acrylic sheet has a frosted appearance throughout the entire sheet straight to the edge that offers excellent light diffusion for indoor or outdoor lit displays, panels and store fixtures. Its surface hides fingerprints and scratches for enhanced service life. Six translucent colors are available as well as opaque black. Custom colors can be produced at standard minimums.

LED Acrylite TubesACRYLITE® Satin Ice acrylic tubes have excellent light diffusing properties while maintaining high light transmission. This combination makes them ideal in lighting applications as well as in store fixtures and P-O-P displays. They are a great complement to our ACRYLITE Satin Ice and Crystal Ice acrylic sheet. 

ACRYLITE® Anti-Reflective acrylic sheet is an ideal glazing material for optical displays, improving screen clarity with more than 97% light transmission. It cuts glare to less than 2% total light reflectance allowing displays to be easily viewed from any angle regardless of lighting conditions. With many times the impact strength of glass and greater mar resistance than uncoated sheet, it provides added protection and increased durability for front panel displays, i.e. PDA, LCD, CRT, PDP and instrument clusters.

ACRYLITE® BR acrylic sheet is a UL 752 Level 1 bullet resistant product approved for indoor and outdoor applications. At 1.250” thick, every sheet is inspected on line to insure that the material meets CYRO's exacting visual specifications. Thickness tolerances are checked on a sheet-by-sheet basis to insure that the material will provide the required protection. The material is protected with a brown adhesive-backed masking to prevent surface scratches during shipping and manufacturing. Identifying tapes are placed at one-foot intervals, indicating the material to be a UL listed bullet resistant product.

Acrylite® Garden AccentsAcrylite® Abrasion Resistant This specialty line of ACRYLITE® sheet products offers abrasion and chemical resistance for demanding applications where frequent handling, heavy traffic and regular cleaning are commonplace. The added protection of the proprietary 3M Company 906 abrasion resistant coating helps to significantly extend service life. These sheet products are available with the coating on one or two sides. The economical one-side coated sheet can be chosen for applications that do not warrant two-sided protection.

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