Industry Update: Preparing for Acrylic Shortages and Price Increases

If you buy acrylic and polycarbonate regularly, you may have noticed recent price increases or heard rumors of shortages. Unfortunately, what you are hearing is true and likely to affect acrylic price and availability for some time. What is causing … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: RegalGRAPHIC

Most often when people think of acrylic, an image of a clear sheet of plastic pops into their head. Acrylic is much more versatile material than many people realize. It is available in so many more great textures, colors, and … Continue reading

History of Regal Plastics – Texas

  Since its founding almost seventy years ago, the Regal Plastic Supply Company has grown from a small business selling scrap material and filling small orders for hobbyists to one of the leading plastics distributors in the country. Today, the … Continue reading