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Plexiglas® Elit II

PLEXIGLAS® ELiT II is a patented, melt calendared acrylic sheet that has the ability to diffuse the light coming from light sources located at the edges of the sheet.

Plexiglas Elite II Diffusing Light

Light is diffused towards the front face creating bright and evenly illuminated display panels.

One of the main development market sectors is poster boxes or light boxes. Bulky display boxes are no longer necessary when using PLEXIGLAS® ELiT II. Fluorescent tubes or LEDs are concealed in the side profiles allowing the frames to be extremely slim.

PLEXIGLAS® ELiT II has been especially designed to be used for one or two-sided light boxes. Lighting efficiency from the ELIT II sheet is highly dependent on the surrounding light sources.

Currently, from one edge light source you can successfully illuminate up to 24 inches into the ELiT II sheet.  Larger signs will need two edge light sources. One or more light sources can be placed along the edges depending on the efficiency of the chosen

Typical Applications

  • Illuminated Signs
  • Airports
  • Subways,
  • Train stations
  • Bus shelters
  • Terminals
  • Directory and Display Panels
  • Restaurant Menu Boards
  • Hotels
  • Department Stores
  • Banks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Casinos
  • Malls


Utilize either Fluorescent or LED light sources

Edge Lit technology allows for extremely thin frames for light boxes, as thin as 1”

Can be edge lit from one or two sides, depending on sheet size

All mechanical, thermal and weatherability is comparable to standard Plexiglas® MC sheet

Can be curved to match the radius of column supports or walls

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