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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Eclectic Chair Created for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Remodeling a home is enough work without having to provide this frosty look for an arctic-themed bedroom.ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EMHE) sets out to completely remodel the home of a disadvantaged family in one week. During a recent episode, the show’s producers wished to create a unique chair that would have the appearance of being made from ice. To provide this look they needed a unique plastic material that could be formed in a very short time, and a fabricator that was up to the task of turning the design of the chair into reality.

Thanks to a San Antonio-based plastics distributor and a superior acrylic product, this was one extreme makeover that was extremely easy to produce. The episode’s storyline profiled the Craft family of Hondo, Texas. This family was particularly deserving due to the father’s instrumental role in the community and the youngest daughter’s diagnosis with Alobar Holoprosencephaly, a serious brain malformation. High on the list of priorities was bringing a smile to Samantha’s face, the oldest daughter with a penchant for Alaska. Designers transformed her bedroom into the Igloo Room, and to accentuate the chilly ambiance, EMHE designers envisioned a funky, ice-clear chair as one of the highlights.

They needed help to produce the piece based on their designs, and turned to plastics distributor and fabricator Regal Plastics (San Antonio, TX) for the transparent acrylic sheet. Given the chair’s unique aesthetic needs and looming deadline, Regal Plastics selected ACRYLITE® GP acrylic sheet from CYRO Industries (Parsippany, NJ) due to its quality, clarity, and ease of fabrication. However, when delivering the acrylic sheet to the set, Javier Garcia, Manager of Regal Plastics’ San Antonio branch, found that the designers lacked acrylic fabricating machinery. The company offered its design and manufacturing services to contribute to the show’s good cause, and was able to deliver the eclectic piece of furniture in less than two days.
Fast Fabrication After Regal Plastics’ donation, EMHE designers provided a rough sketch of their vision for the chair and turned over the artistic reins. To complement the wintry atmosphere, Regal designed the chair with a jagged top edge, exuding the appearance of a glacier or icicles.
To create such edging, the acrylic sheet was precision cut on a CNC router and then polished and sanded for smoothing. “ACRYLITE is an excellent material to work with and it fabricates very well,” notes Garcia.

This allowed the chair to be polished to a luster, while maintaining a translucent, clean and sleek appearance. The material’s workability allowed Regal Plastics to make the chair even more special for Samantha, engraving her initials into the acrylic along with etched zigzags for a stylish look. Because the engraving was done on the furniture’s back side, the face of the chair remains smooth. “ACRYLITE sheet is a quality product offering better adhesion and clarity than other materials,” notes Garcia. This allowed Regal Plastics to cut the acrylic into four panels and seamlessly glue them together to create the chair. The end result was a beautiful product that was sure to be a hit.
All Smiles As in every episode, the “Move that bus!” chant signaled the end of the decorating phase and the beginning of the Craft family’s new life and home. With the bus out of the way and the view unobstructed, the Crafts happily traversed the redesigned rooms. The EMHE designers also had their wish come true – making the family’s life a little easier and a lot more fun. This was clear as the family entered into the Igloo Room when the cool design and frosty chair were discovered.

“We are thrilled CYRO and Regal Plastics stepped up to help the Craft Family,” said Diane Korman, Coordinating Producer, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. “We could not have made their house a home without the generosity and hard work of our vendors.”

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