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Gator Foam™ and Gator Plast™

Meet Gatorplast™! The member of the Gator family from International Paper that's engineered specifically to save time and eliminate setup problems in screen printing applications. Gatorplast™ graphic arts panels are a laminate of lightweight polystyrene foam and high-impact polystyrene facers. These are bonded in a special process that permanently joins the surfaces to form a rugged, durable and lightweight panel.

And, one that offers permanent solutions to some pressing graphic arts problems.

Gatorplast™ combines the legendary strength and rigidity of Gator foam™ with the ability to be screen printed directly without having to first prime or precoat the surface. The result is significant savings in time, labor and materials. As well as a great looking sign or display that has all the ruggedness of Gatorfoam, but is easier to fabricate.

Plus, Gatorplast™ has a special bright blue-white matte finish that keeps any colors from flat to gloss vivid and true.

Gatorplast™ solves problems for sign makers, too. Its high-impact polystyrene facers allow vinyl letter to be applied and removed or repositioned without damaging the surface.

It can be cut with ease in a variety of ways, including table saw, razor knife, or guillotine. Detailed shapes and contours can be added with a router.

And, Gatorplast™ can be glued using readily available adhesives without the need for additional surface preparation.

Gator plast™ can be used both indoors and outdoors, since the polystyrene foam and facers are virtually unaffected by moisture.

Like all polystyrene products, however, Gatorplast™ should be protected from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. We recommend treating the capsheet and foam with a UV-blocking coating in outdoor applications.

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