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HDPE Plastic Sheet

HDPE is one of the seven major forms of plastics commonly used in manufacturing and production today.

So, what is this substance known as HDPE? Simply put, HDPE is a plastic with a special set of properties that make it remarkably useful for a wide range of applications. HDPE is an acronym for High Density Polyethylene, and it is a substance most commonly used in packaging, as well as other everyday applications. Like many plastics, HDPE is produced from petroleum. HDPE is a thermoplastic, which means that it melts into a liquid state when heat is applied, which makes it a great recyclable product. Scrap HDPE has a wide variety of uses and applications, and manufacturers are encouraged to use scrap HDPE where possible in order to lessen the environmental impact that plastic production has

HDPE is one of the more commonly found plastics, you’re probably familiar with it even if you haven’t heard of it before, because HDPE is the plastic that Tupperware is made out of. You will also find HDPE in plastic bags, water pipes, folding chairs, and plastic refillable bottles. HDPE resists chemicals well, and is a very effective barrier against moisture, which means that it can be used for the packaging of household chemicals, as well as foodstuffs. Not only is HDPE produced in solid blown form for packaging and suchlike, it is also often manufactured as a film, which can be found in product linings, and as packaging for various types of snack foods. In any given day, most of use probably make use of several different forms of HDPE without even knowing it.

  • Meets FDA/USDA food handling guidelines (natural color)
  • Chemical- and corrosion- resistant>
  • Light-weight
  • No moisture absorption
  • High tensile strength
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-staining
  • Thermoforming performance

Quadrant's high density polyethylene sheet (HDPE) is used in a variety of applications and industries where excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, low moisture absorption and chemical- and corrosion-resistance properties are required. It is available in both extruded (up to 1" thick) and pressed sheet (from 1 " through 4" thick).

Quadrant's HDPE sheet is stress relieved and available in:

  • black, 48" x 96" sheets with sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1"

  • natural: 48" x 96" sheets with sizes ranging from 1/16" to 4"

  • natural: 48" x 120" sheets with sizes ranging from 1/8" to 2"

  • natural: 60" x 120" sheets with sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1"

Picture of tank built of HDPE – custom welded by Regal Plastics

Tank Built out of HDPE Sheet HDPE Sheet HDPE Tank

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