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Plexiglas® Impact Grades

The Plexiglas® IMPACT Family of acrylic sheet products provides you a Plexiglas® acrylic sheet product that has more impact resistance and toughness compared to standard Plexiglas® MC acrylic sheet.

Depending on your application needs, there are five standard options available.

  • Plexiglas® T acrylic sheet contains approximately 20% impact modifier.
  • Plexiglas® T2 acrylic sheet contains approximately 45% impact modifier.
  • Plexiglas® T3 acrylic sheet contains approximately 70% impact modifier
  • Plexiglas® DR acrylic sheet contains 100% impact modifier.
  • Plexiglas® SG Plus combines approximately 45% impact modifier with craze resistance.

Plexiglas Elite II Diffusing Light

The Plexiglas® IMPACT Family of products combines the beauty of Plexiglas® MC with added toughness. You no longer have to sacrifice clarity, design flexibility, or fabrication techniques to get the performance you desire.

Typical Applications

  • Sign applications – indoor and outdoor
  • Pan Face
  • Flat Face
  • Channel Letters
  • Pop applications that require additional toughness
  • Museum cases


  • Easily fabricated and decorated
  • Outstanding thermoforming definition
  • Excellent weatherability and optical clarity
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • All sign colors are LED blocking

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