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Lexan™ Sheet Categories

Fluorescent ACRYLITE®
  • Products for flat applications
  • Products for formable applications
  • Anti-fog products
  • Solar Control IR sheet
  • Flame retardant products

Solar Control IR Sheets

New transparent polymer glazing to reduce interior heat build up while maintaining the highest level of light transmission Lexan™ Solar Control IR* sheet SABIC Innovative Plastics’ new family of transparent, solar-control glazing products in solid and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets significantly reduce solar transmission while simultaneously offering high levels of light transmission, helping save energy costs for cooling and lighting buildings. Both solid and multiwall plastic sheet can be excellent candidates for roof domes, skylights, walkways, conservatories and other buildings where it is desirable to admit high levels of light while keeping excess heat to a minimum.

Additionally, the solid plastic sheet product can be used for public transportation applications, such as train and bus glazing. It’s unlikely that other thermalmanagement, polymer-based glazing provides both the level of effectiveness in blocking (absorbing) infrared heat and high transparency to visible light.

ACRYLITE® Colors Made to OrderApplications

  • Appliance front panel
  • Aircraft windows
  • B&C Glazing
  • Signs
  • Bus shelters
  • Laminated safety glazing
  • Ice Hockey visors
  • Ski goggles
  • Sound walls
  • Machine guards


  • Extremely high impact resistance
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High resistance to the effects of weathering
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Superior fire performance
  • Safe and easy to handle and install


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  • Applications
  • Properties

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