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Noryl PPONoryl™ PPO (blend of polyphenylene oxide and styrene) is an amorphous thermoplastic that offers a superior blend of physical, strength, flame resistance, and outstanding electrical properties. Unlike many amorphous materials that tend to steadily lose strength as temperatures increase it maintains its high stiffness to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees F. Other properties include, low moisture absorption and low coefficient of thermal expansion contribute to it being one of the most dimensionally stable materials available.

Noryl™ is available in a full range of heavy gauge rod, plate and tube.

For applications that require improved strength and stiffness, 30% glass fiber filled is available.


Automotive, Aircraft, Aerospace, Appliance Manufacturing, Electrical, Electronics Manufacturing, Microwave Communications

Noryl Plastic Applications:

Manifolds, Electrical Insulators, Aircraft Instrumentation, Electrical Connectors and Components, Business Equipment Housings

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