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PEEK™ Polyetheretherketone

Peek PolyetheretherketonePEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a semi-crystalline high temperature thermoplastic that offers design engineers a truly unique combination of exceptional performance characteristics.  When compared to other engineering polymers, Polyetheretherketone ranks as the best or nearly the best in every performance category.


  • 480 degree F. relative thermal index temperature
  • Excellent strength, rigidity and toughness even at elevated temperatures
  • Chemically resistant to all common solvents
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Rated UL V-0 with low smoke an toxic gas emissions
  • Easily machined and fabricated
  • FDA compliant
  • USP Class VI grades are available


Medical instruments, Analytical instrumentation, Semiconductor wafer handling components, Compressor components and seals, Pump wear rings, Bearing and bushings


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