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An Exceptional Grade for a Broad Range of Applications. High quality, economical sheet. Plexiglas® MC acrylic sheet is made by a proprietary continuous process known as melt calendaring. It offers many of the same high-quality features as Plexiglas® G sheet, and also has exceptional thickness tolerance and can be thermoformed to greater detail. Plexiglas® MC is well suited to nearly all the conventional uses for which acrylic sheet has long been noted.

Typical Applications

  • Architectural glazing
  • POP displays
  • Store fixtures
  • Brochure holders
  • Industrial and school glazing
  • Skylights
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor signs


  • High Performance Acrylic Sheet
  • Exceptional Optical Clarity
  • Weather Resistant
  • Light weight – Half the weight of glass
  • Can be easily fabricated and thermoformed
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