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regal2COLOR: Two Layer Acrylic Sheet

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What is regal2COLOR?

regal2COLOR is a monolithic block, which offers two acrylic layers. This bi-layer acrylic block provides design impact for decorative and architectural projects where light and color are integrated. Combining an interior colored layer of acrylic with a translucent exterior layer, regal2COLOR offers high light transmittance and a wide range of optical effects. It is used by designers, architects and interior decorators for products, indoor structures and furniture to create striking interiors.

How is regal2COLOR Used?

  • Internal partitions
  • Luminaries and decorative accents that use light
  • Table covers
  • Counters for commercial, retail and residential use
  • Display islands
  • Illumination projects

regal2COLOR, works well with cold and warm lighting and with LED lights. Different optical effects can be realized with the various edge finishing options available.

regal2COLOR Plastic Properties

The properties of regal2COLOR make it an excellent product to use for many design and illumination projects.

  • Non-porous. regal2COLOR is easy to clean and hygienic. It can safely be used in kitchens, restaurants and bathrooms. It is used in hospitals to provide cost-effective, hygienic illumination coverings.
  • Can be thermoformed. The acrylic sheet can be molded to many shapes, providing a wide range of design possibilities.
  • Impact resistant and repairable. regal2COLOR is ideal for high traffic areas, as it is resistant to breakage and damage from use and can be repaired if damaged. It will maintain its finish, even in products that experience high wear, such as hotel and restaurant counters and tables.
  • Long-lasting. The surface finish will maintain its clarity and translucence over time.
  • Easy to work with. It is lightweight compared to glass and is easily fabricated. It is easy to install and maintain.
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