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regalMATTE: Acrylic Sheets for Furniture

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What is regalMATTE

regalMATTE provides designers and decorators with a unique acrylic product that can offer a matte or glossy finish on both sides,or a matte finish on one side and glossy finish on the other. It offers flexible design options for interior spaces and decorative items. This plastic is very durable and has a unique finish

What can regalMATTE be used for?

  • Kitchen covers and cabinets
  • Doors and shelves
  • Partitions
  • Furniture for commercial, retail and residential use
  • POP displays

What Properties make regalMATTE Special?

Available in a wide range of standard opaque and translucent colors, as well as custom colors, regalMATTE, can meet most design needs.

The properties of regalMATTE make it an excellent product to use for custom and high wear design and architectural projects.

  • Non-porous. It is easy to clean and hygienic. It can safely be used in kitchens, restaurants and bathrooms.
  • Can be thermoformed. regalMATTE can be molded to many shapes, providing limitless design possibilities.
  • High impact, moisture and immersion resistance. regalMATTE is ideal for kitchens and areas that require a high level of sanitation. It will maintain its finish, even in products that experience high wear, such as hotel and restaurant counters and tables.
  • Long-lasting. The surface finish will maintain its clarity and translucence over time.
  • Easy to work with. The sheet has superior hinge and screw retention and is easy to cut. It is easy to install and maintain.
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