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What is regalNOVA

regalNOVA, is a solid surface acrylic sheet that has the appearance of natural stone. This plastic can be used by designers, architects and decorators in high-usage areas that require sanitary conditions. regalNOVA is an ideal material to handle high usage and repeated cleaning while maintaining its finish and attractive look.

What is regalNOVA used for?

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Restaurant and café tables
  • Food prep surfaces
  • Countertops in hospitals and laboratories
  • Reception and retail counters
  • Bathroom and vanity tops

Physical Properties of regalNOVA

The properties of regalNOVA make it an excellent product to use in sanitary environments such as kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and laboratories.

  • Non-porous. It is easy to clean and hygienic. It does not absorb moisture, liquids or chemicals.
  • Impact resistant. regalNOVA is more impact resistant than stone or comparable polyester resins.
  • Heat resistant. The finish will not be damaged by exposure to heat.
  • Can be thermoformed. The sheet can be formed into custom shapes for each application.
  • Long-lasting. The surface finish will maintain its brightness and translucence over time.
  • Easy to work with. It is easy to cut, sand or drill.
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