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Selectogal™ RFX Roofing Panels

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Selectogal™ is a specially designed RFX multi-layered polycarbonate panel. This advanced roofing panel solution has a natural energy saving design. It's patented prism design regulates heat in both warm and cold weather conditions. The exterior layer's unique prismatic design reflects away most of the sun's radiation in hot weather, significantly decreasing the amount of heat penetrating into the structure's interior. While in cooler weather, RFX actually magnifies the sunlight penetrating the panels to increase the warming effect. See below's visual example:

Heat gain polygal vs glass Polygal RFX letting light in
Summer - When the path of the sun is high, RFX reflects away the sun's rays, preventing heat from penetrating into the structure. Winter - When the path of the sun is low, RFX allows penetration of solar energy through the panel, providing a natural heating source.
Polygal RFX in Summer time Polygal RFX in Winter time

The Result - significant savings on energy costs and beautiful, long lasting roofing finish.

Polygal™ Sheets - Selectogal™

Recommended Applications:

  • Skylights
  • Conservatories
  • Solariums and verandas
  • Interior applications as a functional/decorative element
  • Sports facilities
  • Airports

For further discussion on Selectogal™, speak to our Polygal specialists.

Advantages of Selectogal™ 16 mm sheets

Available in 16 mm thick sheets, Polygal's Selectogal™ is easy to install, long lasting, offers an aesthetic roofing solution and can be used for interior design and projects as well.

  • Energy savings through effective heat screening  
  • Easy to install
  • Bright, Glass-like look  
  • Virtually unbreakable  
  • Rigid sheet structure provides extra strength under wind and snow loads.
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