Solvent and Adhesive Bonding

Manufacture: Stephens PneumaticsTank MMA Application

Product ID: MP55305

Case History Application: Bonding cast aluminum nameplates to the back of cast aluminum tankers.

Engineering Application Issues: Current process bolting adds additional cost, production time and overtime, the bolts begin to loosen which requires maintenance.

Solution: MMA MP55305 - Bonding cast aluminum nameplate directly to the tanker with little surface preparation (scuff surface with sandpaper, wipe with isopropyl alcohol, apply MP55305 adhesive, apply nameplate and hold in place with 2 strips of duct tape) the entire process can be done under 30 seconds less the cure time of 3-5 minutes. Pull strength of 2500 to 3200 PSI. No drilling holes, no bolting and no additional maintenance which cut's down costs, production process time and helps increase productivity.

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