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Specialty Acrylic Sheets

Regal Plastics carries a line of specialty acrylic sheets used by architects, designers and interior decorators to create innovative, attractive spaces, furniture and decorative articles. The acrylics are strong, easy to work with and maintain their finish in high use areas.

Our lines of specialty acrylic panels are an interior product but may be used outdoors with an approximate 5 year life span. It is suggested that you protect any printed graphic surface from scratches to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Regal Plastics will work with you to select the acrylic sheet that is most applicable for your application.


Pearlescent white acrylic has excellent aesthetic appeal for applications such as privacy panels in restaurants, unique signs and POP displays.
.118" x 48" x 96" - Item # ACR1184896L400


"Travertine Acrylic" - A unique graphic is printed on one side of a white acrylic sheet to enhance the look of light lenses, privacy panels in restaurants, backlit displays, etc.
.118" x 48" x 96" White #2447 Acrylic sheet


a monolithic acrylic that provides design impact for decorative and architectural...
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Acrylic sheets with slices of bamboo embedded in the plastic. Available or LIMITED TIME!
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Acrylic sheet with a bark like texture imprinted on one side. Available on SPECIAL ORDER BASIS!
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Acrylic sheets with frosted, matte finish on both sides. Works best with back-lighting.
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a unique acrylic product that can offer a matte or glossy finish on both sides...
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an ideal material to handle high usage and repeated cleaning while maintaining its finish...
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a semi-opaque material that transmits warm light and is ideal for decorative elements...
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Acrylic sheets with pieces of straw embedded within the plastic. Available or LIMITED TIME!
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