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Specialty Plexiglas Products

The following products are used for very specific applications and can be ordered from any of our 4 locations. Please contact us today if you are interested.

Aircraft Plexiglas®

The extremely durable, shatter resistance is the perfect application for aircraft viewing windows.
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Plexiglas® Elit II

PLEXIGLAS® ELiT II is a patented, melt calendared acrylic sheet that has the ability to diffuse the light coming from light sources located at the edges of the sheet.
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Plexiglas® HiDefTM

Common practice at tradeshows is to use a hi-def projector that then displays on a durable moveable piece of Plexiglas.
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Plexiglas® Impact Grades

As its name hints at, this is a durable form of Plexiglas that is used on signs that are generally outside.
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