OP3 & P99 Acrylic Framing

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Product Description

Coated acrylic sheets offer you and your customer numerous advantages over glass which is why it is the clear choice for many museums and galleries. It offers beautiful clarity without heaviness or breakability. And it provides museum-quality protection essential in preserving art and artifacts.


Product Details

Protection from UV Light (OP3)

UV filtering acrylic sheets provides the highest protection from damaging ultraviolet light, protecting paper-borne artwork, prints and documents from fading, yellowing, and brittling. These conservation grades are available in cell cast or extruded sheet and provide exceptional showcasing and enduring protection. Brands include Optix, Chemcast, Acrylite, and Plexiglass.

Protection from Glare (P99)

Acrylic non-glare sheets are designed to minimize glare and reflection and maximize the unhindered viewing of framed artwork and prints. The matte finish shows off the art from almost any angle under typical lighting conditions. Optix, Chemcast, Acrylite, and Plexiglass Do you want both the UV protection offered by the OP3 and glare minimizing capabilities of the P99? There’s a coated acrylic for that. P99/OP3 combines both coatings to create the ultimate acrylic for displaying your art and collectibles without worrying about sun damage

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