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Anti Seize Lubricating Compounds

The AS SERIES represents the highest quality products for protecting machinery and equipment. These products offer the ultimate in protection and significant cost savings in both MRO and OEM applications. The AS SERIES of anti-seize products is compounded using the highest quality, heat resistant lubricants. Combine this with fine metallic particles and graphite, produces a extreme pressure lubricating compound that prevents galling, galvanic pitting, friction, corrosion, water wash out, and cold welding. These anti-seize compounds help provide constant, uniform, torque tension, speed assembly and disassembly, are non hardening, and will not drip. The AS SERIES products will greatly reduce costly and time consuming maintenance operations.

Anti-Seize (AS) 201 Premium

A copper, aluminum, and graphite compound, formulated to lubricate and protect threads, connections, flanges and other metal parts from rust, galling, and seizing. Temperature performance to +2000°F, resist galvanic attack. 

Anti-Seize (AS) 202 Copper

Prevents against corrosion, rust, galling, seizing, pitting. Provides lubricating properties to threaded parts, with temperature resistance to +1800°F. 

Anti-Seize (AS) 203 Nickel

Ideal for high temperature applications up to +2600°F and when dissimilar metals are being joined. Excellent for stainless fittings and harsh environments.

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