Applications of Plastics

Plastic offers a variety of benefits, in a variety of shapes, such as sheets, panels, film which can all be as flexible as the application requires. Plastic is price competitive with other materials that offer similar advantages in industrial applications, which is why it is used a number of applications that you have not thought of or would even surprise you. Some of these advantages that make plastic so versatile are:

So the next time you need a tank that can hold hydrochloric acid, will hold up under heat, cannot leak and can be custom built to the size of your parts.  It can be done with plastics!

Why Choose Plastic?

  • Light Weight: When you compare the strength of materials that plastic can replace it is surprisingly lightweight.
  • Strength: We supply plastics such as Acrylic BR, that are made to withstand hurricane force winds and can even stop a bullet!
  • Visual Aesthetic: They can have different visual qualities applied to them such as being translucent/transparent, or custom color matched
  • Size & Shape Flexibility: Different types of plastics can be manufactured to be flexible in different sizes, shapes, and thickness
  • Price: When compared to similar building or decorative materials plastic usually has a competitive price advantage

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