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Product Description

Common Names: Luxo, Black and White LED

Material Pros: Unparalleled light diffusion, machinability

Popular Applications: Signage, backlit displays


Product Details

LED acrylic is specifically designed to offer superior light diffusion to evenly disperse light and minimize hot spots.

LED acrylic, available in black and white, has the unique ability to display any color LED that is used for backlighting. There is no other acrylic sheet in the industry that has this capability.

The material offers a unique solution for projects that require custom or changing colors. LED acrylic is kept in stock with no sheet minimums. Customers have the ability purchase only the sheets they need, or it allows companies to use the sheets for several different projects. Just backlight with the desired color, and the acrylic does the rest. It has excellent light diffusion that creates an even illumination without hotspots. Changing the colors is as easy as using different colored LEDs.

LED acrylic’s durability, light weight, and handle-ability combines with its ability to be CNC machined, make it a must have for back-lit displays, edge illumination and signage.

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