No More Naked Pergolas! Part 2

By: Chad Gono

In No More Naked Pergolas! Part 1, we discussed our inspiration for creating plastic pergola covers. Our goal was to offer a solution for people to enjoy their pergola rain or shine without sacrificing their natural light. Thus, our Polygal Base and Cap System and Topgal Standing Seam System were born.

Both systems use a multiwall polycarbonate sheet that comes standard with 10-year warranty that insures your material will stay looking great for years without yellowing or brittling. The sheets are lightweight and easy to install on new or existing structures, and once they’re in place, they require less maintenance than similar products. Plus, the sheets block harmful UV rays which not only keeps you cooler, but it also protects your stained wood and furniture. 

Now, let’s break down some of the differences to help you pick the right system for your project. 

Polygal Standard Grade (Economy)

Standard 8mm clear Polygal Base & Cap

The standard base and cap system can be installed on rafters or shade slats. This is also the best option for curved or arched structures. The sheets can easily be cut on site for that perfect custom fit.

System Includes:

  • Sheets
    • 4ft or 6ft wide
    • 24ft long (28ft long in bronze)
    • Color options include bronze, clear, and white.
  • Polycarbonate base and cap connecting system
  • Polycarbonate U-profile
  • Screws & Washers
  • Vent tape
  • Installation instructions
  • Youtube installation video
  • Support from our inside / outside sales staff

Topgal (Elite)

8mm Bronze Topgal

We made several upgrades to our standard base and cap to create our top-of-the-line system, Topgal.

  • These sheets are extruded with a standing seam that:
    • creates a virtually leak proof product
    • is easily connected with clips and a heavy-duty polycarbonate cap
    • makes it impossible to install the sheets upside down
  • There are zero screws that are installed through the sheet which:
    • creates a virtually leakproof product.
    • makes it easier and faster to install
  • The Topgal system has four walls of polycarbonate, instead of the standard two walls. This creates more:
    • rigidity
    • strength
    • thermal insulation
  • Topgal comes standard with an aluminum profile instead of a polycarbonate profile which:
    • creates a much sturdier connection to the pergola below.
    • looks sexier

The standing seam, clip connecting system, and heavy-duty polycarbonate cap makes this product virtually leakproof. Of course, you want to give it as much slope as you can to allow for water to run off. This option provides a superb upgrade for the client with a bigger budget.

System Includes:

  • The sheets
    • 23 5/8” wide
    • 28ft long
    • Color options include bronze, clear, and white.
  • Standing Seam system connected with metal clips and a heavy-duty polycarbonate cap (screws through clips which hold sheet together, no screws through sheet)
  • Aluminum edge profile (bronze and anodized colors)
  • Screws for clips
  • Vent tape
  • Installation instructions
  • Youtube installation video
  • Support from our inside / outside sales staff

Side-by-Side Comparison

Topgal (Elite) Standard (Economy)
Slope Leak proof on any slope, but for best results we recommend at least a 1/12 slope For best results, minimum 2/12 slope
Cost Most expensive Most cost-effective
Structure Type  Purlins Rafters  or Shade Slats
Sheet Structure 4 Wall Structure 2 Wall Structure

We are passionate about our Pergolas.

We are passionate about our Polygal and Topgal covers.

Here’s to 14 more years and another 50,000 jobs sold!

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No More Naked Pergolas! Part 1

By: Chad Gono

Cover your pergola. What’s all that about?

First, let’s talk pergolas. They are a HUGE deal in Texas! They provide an extra dimension to the back of your house. They give it depth. They create an instant outdoor living area. Just add a fire pit, BBQ grill, outdoor furniture, kegerator, or ping pong table underneath that thing and start having fun!

My dad has one. My father-in-law has one. Shoot, I’m saving for one right now. You see them everywhere. We obviously think Pergolas rock, and we think we provide an option that makes them even better!

Backyard makeover with 8mm Bronze Polygal

Pergola Covers. The Beginning.

Fourteen years ago, we started a mission to rid Texas of all those naked pergolas. We thought, pergolas are awesome, but what happens when it rains or is 110 degrees outside? Well, you could do a patio cover with shingles, but those are always super dark, and expensive because of all the labor. Then, you must run electricity and buy light fixtures. Yikes.

We realized we could solve this problem with this cool architectural grade plastic! Just install it on top and you’re done. Outdoor furniture will last longer. Home owners could put a TV underneath the structure. Ping Pong tables and fire pits wouldn’t get ruined by the rain. It would be cooler underneath during those hot summer months.

We worked hard with one of our partners and came up with a solution. Multiwall Polycarbonate.

Multiwall polycarbonate has been popular in Europe since the 1970’s as a great solution for commercial architectural applications, but it was never thought of in residential applications.

What if we brought this product to Texas and made a system that could cover pergolas?

We felt this product could be perfect. It would provide the toughness needed to withstand the elements but also provide a lightweight and easy product for installation.

We also knew that it needed to be a complete system. We couldn’t just throw sheets up there. We needed something to connect the sheets seamlessly, and we wanted profiles to finish off the edges. It had to look professional, and it had to be sold ready to install with installation instructions and great customer service to back it! One Stop Shop. What screws do we use? Washers? Gasket? Since the product was fluted, what do we do about that? Vent tape? We worked through all the possibilities, and after years of research and many different trials, we finally came up with it!

14 years later we have sold more than 50,000 jobs, and had a blast doing it.

Pergola Covers. Next Generation.

In 2016, we decided we wanted to be able to offer our customers an even better pergola cover system, so we took it to the next level and started researching a second system. It needed to be stronger, easier to install, and virtually leak proof.

After three years of research, our elite system, Topgal, finally came to market. What makes this system our elite system? Check out No More Naked Pergolas! Part 2.