What Is an Acrylic Mirror? Guide to Acrylic Mirror Sheet Solutions

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What Is an Acrylic Mirror? Guide to Acrylic Mirror Sheet Solutions

An acrylic mirror sheet is an excellent alternative to a traditional glass mirror. Acrylic mirror sheets, also known as plexiglass mirror sheets, are available in various types and colors and can be used in a broad range of applications.

This guide will answer the question, "What is an acrylic mirror?" and provide all the information you need about mirrored acrylic sheets, including their benefits and applications.

Types of Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Acrylic mirror sheets are available in various types, each with unique properties and benefits. Understanding the different kinds of reflective plastic sheets can help you select the best one for your project.

An acrylic mirror sheet is available in several thicknesses, including 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch, making it suitable for numerous applications.

You can also choose mirrored acrylic sheets in a broad array of colors, such as red, orange, blue and green. There's a perfect hue to suit every use.

Two-way acrylic mirror sheets are another option. They have a reflective coating on both sides, allowing them to reflect light and images in both directions. Also known as two-sided or surveillance mirrors, they are commonly used in security applications, such as in stores, offices, and public areas.

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Benefits of Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Acrylic mirror sheets offer a wide array of advantages. They're shatter-resistant and offer numerous other benefits, like:

Light Weight

Acrylic is a lightweight material compared to polished metals and glass. As a result, acrylic mirror sheets are easy to transport and install. A full acrylic mirror sheet can be quickly mounted with screws or the proper adhesive without needing extra-reinforced mounts or braces.

Moisture Resistance

Mirrored acrylic sheets are fog-proof and moisture-resistant, making them an excellent option for showers and locker rooms.

Impact Resistance

Especially considering its light weight, an acrylic mirror sheet is highly durable with outstanding impact resistance, which makes it an excellent choice for high-stress manufacturing and research applications. Since they don't shatter into jagged shards, mirrored acrylic sheets are a top choice for safety-conscious applications like hospitals, schools, mass transportation, and prisons.

UV Resistance

Mirrored acrylic sheets are resistant to UV light, so they will not yellow or fade over time when exposed to sunlight.

Reflectivity and Clarity

Acrylic mirror sheets have excellent reflectivity and clarity, making them ideal for decorative and functional applications. They provide a clear reflection with minimal distortion.


An acrylic mirror sheet is easy to cut and drill, simplifying installation. It can also be CNC routed to create a broad array of custom shapes and laser engraved.

Lower Cost

Several factors affect the low cost of acrylic mirror sheets. Their light weight means they cost less to transport and install. An acrylic mirror sheet's impact resistance and durability make it a long-term solution, lowering replacement costs.

Acrylic also is relatively inexpensive to purchase and doesn't require costly cleaning supplies, reducing maintenance costs.

Acrylic Mirror vs. Glass Mirror

Acrylic's many benefits are essential when considering an acrylic mirror vs. a glass mirror. Acrylic mirror sheets provide nearly the same kind of reflection that glass does. Plus, acrylic's light weight and shatter resistance make it a common sense alternative to glass.

Requiring only one person to lift and carry it, an acrylic mirror sheet is also easier to transport and install than a glass mirror. Their durability means mirrored acrylic sheets don't need to be replaced as often as glass mirrors. Its lower overall costs are another factor that leans in favor of acrylic.

Acrylic can also be fabricated and curved or bent into different shapes that glass can't accommodate.

On the other hand, acrylic can scratch more easily than glass, but those scratches can be buffed out easily. Thanks to its wide array of advantages, an acrylic mirror sheet can be a better choice than glass mirror, especially in high traffic environments.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet Applications

The number of applications for versatile acrylic mirror sheets is nearly endless. Uses range from funhouse mirrors and disco balls to two-way mirrors in high-security prisons. Some of the many applications for an acrylic mirror sheet include:

  • Displays
  • Signs and lettering
  • Locker room mirrors
  • Shower mirrors
  • Dressing room mirrors
  • Gym mirrors
  • Road intersection mirrors
  • Supermarket aisle mirrors
  • Mirrors in RVs and boats
  • Casino mirrors
  • Telescopes
  • Scientific instruments
  • Decorative profiles

Its durability and shatter resistance make an acrylic mirror sheet an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. We've also seen acrylic mirror sheets put to fantastic use for applications like wedding invitations, event menus and table markers.

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How to Select Acrylic Mirror Sheets

You should keep your end use in mind when choosing acrylic mirror sheets. Other selection considerations include:

  • Measurements
  • Color
  • Time frame
  • Budget

Keep each of these factors in mind, and you should find the perfect acrylic mirror sheet for your application.

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