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Acrylic Viewing WindowsAcrylic Sheets in Art

By the looks of his art, you wouldn’t believe that Lou Sprecher had only been painting for 2 ½ years. Sprecher uses acrylic to create figurative impressionism and create the feeling of looking through a window. Most recently, his work has earned him a spot in the Galeria Regina in Houston, Texas.

In 2009, with a mechanical engineering degree, Lou Sprecher literally had a dream about being an artist. After two nights of the same dream, he woke up and googled what paint he should use to start painting. After taking an online test, Lou went to a local art supply store with a list of supplies he needed. He talked with an employee of the store who directed him towards certain materials and encouraged him to attend an art class that day. After 2 hours in the class, Lou had painted his very first piece of art. It was a basic piece, but it allowed him to continue on his journey, teaching himself how to paint.

What makes Sprecher’s art unique is his use of acrylic plastic in his artwork. He describes his first piece of art with acrylic:

Started with wood panel, and painted a simple cityscape (very basic). Then painted the firgures on the acrylic. Regal Plastics supplied the acrylic and drilled the holes (in corners). I also purchased the aluminum standoffs from Regal. The title is “Bluetown” (See below). Sold to Collector in Galveston gallery for $400.00 in October. My new work is much better.

Latest Acrylic Piece

24 X 24

We also asked Sprecher why he decided to start using acrylic in his artwork:

I saw an exhibit with the artist using acrylic to produce some wild modern art. Was not thrilled with the artist’s subject matter, but using acrylic as the medium, rather than panel or canvas was interesting. I think the major element was the piece provided a somewhat 3-D result.


Lou Sprecher’s work will be displayed at the Galeria Regina in Houston, Texas January 5, 2013 through February 2013. There will be a reception January 12, 2013 featuring his “A Moment In Time” artwork.

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