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How to Clean Acrylic (Plexiglass) Safely

2020-04-01 00:44:55
Here are a few cleaning tips to keep your acrylic's (plexiglass) finish looking crystal clear. Commercial cleaning products and abrasive materials can scratch the acrylic or give it a hazy appearance, so follow these best practices to insure your plastic stays looking great.

Plexiglass Sanitary Guards to Protect Employees

2020-03-20 20:02:47
As protocol and recommendations have changed surrounding the Coronavirus, we have received numerous calls regarding clear plastic dividers / barriers to protect employees. We wanted to take a few minutes to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding materials and our capabilities.

No More Naked Pergolas! Part 2

2019-05-14 22:50:00
In No More Naked Pergolas! Part 1, we discussed our inspiration for creating plastic pergola covers. Our goal was to offer a solution for people to enjoy their pergola rain or shine without sacrificing their natural light. Thus, our Polygal Base and Cap System and Topgal Standing Seam System were born.

No More Naked Pergolas! Part 1

2019-05-11 00:59:00
First, let’s talk pergolas. They are a HUGE deal in Texas! They provide an extra dimension to the back of your house. They give it depth. They create an instant outdoor living area. Just add a fire pit, BBQ grill, outdoor furniture, kegerator, or ping pong table underneath that thing and start having fun!

Wedding Decor Trends: Acrylic (Plexiglass)

2018-11-07 02:37:00
The use of acrylic (aka Plexiglass) in wedding and event design looks like it is a trend here to stay. Over the past couple of years, we have seen event designers get more innovative with not just clear acrylic but also mirrored, frosted, and textured. As we approach wedding proposal season followed by wedding planning season, here are a few of our favorite projects for inspiration.

Performance Plastic and LEDs are a Bright Idea

2018-11-03 03:04:21
Recently, members of our executive team were at a seminar with the primary focus of improving our overall customer experience.

Product Spotlight: Topgal

2018-04-26 23:28:47
8mm Topgal is the latest mutliwall Polycarbonate system to hit our shelves. Why are we so excited about it? It is a great option for customers looking for a leak proof cover for their outdoor space. The design allows for easier installation, and as always, it comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and brittling.

Get Lean - Customize Your Tool Carts

2018-03-06 03:29:21
One of our lesser known specialties at Regal Plastics - Texas is creating custom lean solutions for companies. We practice lean manufacturing ourselves, and we understand how imperative it is to reduce wasted motion. Here are some examples of tool carts we've produced in-house for ourselves and other companies. Maybe, they will offer some inspiration of how you can improve lean practices in your own operation.

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