Plastic Sheet Materials

Looking for plastic sheeting?  Give Regal Plastics a call.  This has been the core of our business since our beginning in 1970.   We carry the best plastic sheet material brands: for Acrylic, we have Plexiglas™, Acrylite™, Chemcast™ and Polycast™.  For Structural Sheet, we have the inventor and leader in this industry – Polygal Structural Sheets.

We have it flat, corrugated, textured, clear, in colors, fluted and bullet proof?  We strive to provide the exact plastic sheet you need, when you need it.

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Amy Gono Collins

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Amy is the marketing manager for Regal Plastics. She loves to make plastic interesting. After all, its just plastic, not rocket science! Circle me on Google+.

Hello, do you have a showroom open to public? Do you only service big companies or is small business ok?