History of Regal Plastics – Texas


Since its founding almost seventy years ago, the Regal Plastic Supply Company has grown from a small business selling scrap material and filling small orders for hobbyists to one of the leading plastics distributors in the country. Today, the company is really four independent organizations with their own branches, customers, and cultures. There is often confusion with customers about the separate companies with similar names and logos.

Why are there separately owned businesses with the same name?

It goes back to how the company was founded and grew. Regal Plastic Company was founded in 1944 in Kansas City. Mr. Joseph Slavic purchased the company in 1954. He played in integral part in Regal Plastics growth and success. Soon after purchasing the company, he expanded by establishing franchises in Denver, Colorado; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Des Moines, Iowa. In 1970, the Dallas branch followed. Through the years, ownership was transferred and the separate franchises grew into their own entities. Today, the four organizations remain friends and in close contact but function as separate companies.


How did Regal Plastics Texas begin?


Pictured to L-R Amy Gono Collins, Jean Walker, Chad Gono, Patsy Gono, Wayne Gono

Regal Plastics Texas was said to have begun on a golf course. Don Walker, founder of the Texas locations, wanted to start his own business. In 1970, Mr. Slavic and and another Regal Plastics owner, Bob Stash, agreed to start a franchise with him. The Dallas location prospered and subsequent branches were opened in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Walker’s youngest daughter, Patricia “Patsy” Walker, began to work for Regal in accounting after graduating, and her boyfriend, Wayne Gono, had worked in the warehouse during his high school summer vacations. Wayne and Patsy were married in 1977, and Wayne returned to the company in 1980 with an inside sales position and later sales manager. Mr. Walker retired in 1996 and transferred all responsibility to Wayne and Patsy. Today, Patsy is the owner making the company 100% woman owned and Wayne acts as VP, and both of Wayne and Patsy’s children play an active role in the company truly making the company family owned and operated.

What is next for Regal Plastics Texas?

Regal Plastics Texas had an exciting close to 2016. New hires brought fresh enthusiasm and ideas. This, combined with the knowledge and experience of seasoned employees, created the perfect combination. Currently in progress are a new website, updated showrooms, and an overall better buying experience for Regal customers. Regal is proud of their past but excited for the future!