It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…..

I know what you are thinking right now….the end of the phrase is all too familiar. And yes, it has been looking that way since Labor Day. Every year the holiday season seems to appear earlier and earlier, and I enjoy every minute of it. The lights, the music, the special programs at local malls, schools and churches all help us find the excitement that comes with this time of year. I hope this season will be the very best for you and your family. I encourage you to attend programs at your local church, to find the real reason for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. After all, there is no Christmas without Christ. I love the slogan of Kay Jewelers…every Kiss begins with Kay. Likewise, every Christmas begins with Christ.

If you want to see “frantic”, just visit one of your local malls this week. The week before Christmas can be a constant source of frustration for those working in retail venues. Customer service can be hard to find, but surly customers are on every isle. If you find a particularly overwhelmed clerk, make an effort to say a few words of encouragement. The words “thank you, you’re doing a great job” can change the whole attitude of a clerk, who will suddenly become your best friend. It’s like customer service in reverse.

One store that seems to be bucking the trend of poor customer service is Target. The wife and I were grocery shopping there this past weekend, and something happened that really impressed me. In most grocery stores, trying to purchase meat or cheese at the deli counter is a slow process at best. Most of the clerks I order from are up in years, and they operate in slow gear. On occasion, I have stood at the counter for a few minutes while being totally ignored. I want to ask the clerks if I’m invisible. Yes, they are busy, but all it takes is a moment to welcome a customer. At Target, I stopped by the deli counter, and the clerk actually met me in front of the counter, and offered to help me make my selections. Wow…..who told her to do that? Or is she just that smart, to make me feel welcome at her part of the store.

And please… hug your kids and family today and every day. We don’t realize how precious they are until they are taken from us. Pray for the parents of those children who were lost last Friday. Our nation changed on that day.


John Bryant

Regal Plastics

Polygal Specialist