Polygal Sheet Packaging:
New Vent Tape

New and improved 1-1/2” wide Vent Tape will be coming soon!

Regal always recommends and provides the option for Vent Tapes and Aluminum Tapes when selling Polygal sheets. They help keep dust and bugs out of the flutes. They also prevent moisture and mildew from ruining the appearance of the sheets.

As you can see from the picture below it has a wider, full vent area.  This allows:

  • The full width of the flute to drain
  • The Polygal panels with low slope will drain better.

The new vent tape rolls:

  • Are still 108 lineal feet long
  • Are still the same price
  • Are still used with the 16mm thick Polygal sheets

Polygal Sheet Vent Tape

Old 1-1/2″ Vent Tape                        New 1-1/2″ Vent Tape

Note: Only the 1-1/2” Vent Tape has changed.

The 1” Vent Tape and Aluminum Tapes used with the 6mm -8mm and 10mm sheets will remain the same.

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