Patio Makeover with Polygal Covered Pergola

This is one of our most recent projects that we felt like really illustrated how Polygal can give homeowners more time and room to enjoy their outdoor space. All of our branches are located in the state of Texas, and between thunderstorms and the heat, it is safe to say you will not be spending any summer afternoons on your patio without a cover.

Before construction started

This homeowner decided to take back their patio time by extending the covered section with a Polygal covered pergola. One of their primary concerns was ensuring that natural light would still be able to filter through so patio plants would be able to grow and natural light would still make its way into the house. They also wanted to be able to host outdoor parties confident that they would not end up wet or overheating their guests.

Complete Outdoor Concepts built the pergola and installed the Polygal. The homeowner chose Polygal’s Mega-Lock system and clear sheets. The entire process from start to finish took about two days.

Here are pictures of the finished project. They hosted a large gathering, and their new space received rave reviews from their guests. The homeowners felt like Polygal fit the bill for this project perfectly. Their house still gets plenty of natural light, and they stay dry.

After pergola and Polygal install. The whole space looks larger!

Looking up at the Polygal. It blocks UV rays but still lets light through. We call that a win-win.

We love seeing finished projects big or small! Please feel free to share how you took back your patio time! Check out a time lapse of this project here.