Polygal Applications: More Uses Than Pergolas

Polygal, a multi-wall plastic sheet, is a material commonly used in covering pergolas and patios. However, Polygal has many more uses than just an outdoor covering. We are constantly seeing new and creative ways that people are using the versatile plastic. Here is a short list of some other applications.

1. Office and Room Dividers

Businesses are utilizing the material as an office divider. It allows for privacy but keeps the office feeling bright and open. It is not a sound barrier so employees are still able to easily communicate when needed. Polygal comes in a variety of different colors that are a fun and unique way to add an accent wall or customize the interior with company colors. It creates a clean, modern look that is low maintenance and durable.
Interior Design - Commercial Wall Partition

Interior Design – Commercial Wall Partition

In the home, Polygal keeps spaces feeling large by keeping natural light flowing through.  Applications include closet doors, dividers (seen below), and accent walls.
Interior Design - Residential Wall Partition

Interior Design – Residential Wall Partition

2. Greenhouses

Not only does Polygal let in light, but it also acts as a thermal insulator. Polycoolite, a type of Polygal, is a structured sheet specifically designed to supply plants natural solar light for photosynthesis. It offers spectrum altering technology that improves plant growth and decreases the amount of watering needed. It is a popular choice for greenhouses ranging in size from small backyard enthusiasts to large commercial projects.
Greenhouse - walls and roof are Polygal.

Greenhouse – walls and roof are Polygal.

3. Outdoor Dividers and Wind Blocks

Polygal, on top of its other positive features, is also durable, flexible, and easy to install. Here in Texas we have a variety of weather that comes our way (usually in the same week). Aside from rain, more outdoor time is spoiled by wind. Polygal can be installed to act as a wind block that doesn’t spoil the view.
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This was a list of the more popular applications. We are constantly impressed with the creative uses our customers are able to think of for the material. There were simply too many to list on one blog.