Product Spotlight: RegalSTONE

What is RegalSTONE?

RegalSTONE is an acrylic sheet that simulates natural onyx stone. Its texture even includes veins! It is a semi opaque material that transmits warm light.


RegalSTONE is a favorite with architects and interior designers because it is highly aesthetic and easy to install. Due to its light transmittance, it offers custom lighting design options. Applications can include:

  • Hanging lamps
  • Light covers
  • Interior partitions
  • Table covers and counter tops for commercial, retail, and residential use
  • POP stands
  • facades
  • Decorative articles.

    RegalSTONE Alabaster

    RegalSTONE light covers

Physical Properties of Regal Stone

  • Non-porous. It is easy to clean and hygienic. It can safely be used in kitchens, restaurants and bathrooms.
  • Impact resistant. RegalSTONE is resistant to breakage and damage from use. It will maintain its finish, even in products that experience high wear, such as POP displays and restaurant tables and luminaries.
  • Long-lasting. The surface finish will maintain its brightness and translucence over time.
  • Easy to work with. It is lightweight and holds fittings well. It is easy to install and maintain.
  • Thicknesses Available.
    • 0.177″
    • 0.220″

Colors Available

Chemical Resistance

  • R = Resistant (Can withstand this substance for extended periods of time)
  • LR = Limited Resistance (Can only withstand for short periods of time at room temperature.
  • N = Not Resistant (Not resistant to this substance.
Chemical Code Chemical Code
Acetic Acid (10%) LR Hydrogen Peroxide R
Acetic Acid (glacial) N (3%) Isopropyl Alcohol LR
Acetone N Kerosene R
Ammonium Chloride R Lacquer Thinner N
Ammonium Hydroxide R Methyl Alcohol (30%) LR
Benzene N Methyl Alcohol (100%) N
Calcium Chloride R Methyl Ethyl Ketone N
Carbon Tetrachloride N Methylene Chloride N
Chloroform LR Nitric Acid (10%) R
Chromic Acid (10%) N Nitric Acid (100%) N
Chromic Acid (conc.) N Phenol (5%) N
Diethyl Ether LR Sodium Chloride R
Dioctyl Phthalate LR Sodium Hydroxide (10%) R
Ethyl Alcohol (30%) N Sodium Hypochloride R
Ethyl Alcohol (95%) N Sulfuric Acid (3%) N
Ethylene Dichloride N Sulfuric Acid (conc.) N
Ethylene Glycol R Toluene N
Gasoline LR Trichloroethylene N
Glycerine R Turpentine R
Hexane R Water (distilled) R
Hydrochloric Acid R Xilene N

We love RegalSTONE so much that it is used as light covers in our corporate office. Its high-end look along with its ease of installation create a winning combination that will continue to establish itself as a favorite!