TAKATA Seat Belts Inc.

You may not have heard of the company TAKATA, but I guarantee you rely on their product literally with your life. TAKATA focuses on developing ways to keep you, your children, and your family safe while on the road. They started out developing seat belts. Now their product list includes air bags, steering wheel systems, electronics, interior parts, textile products, child restraint systems, multipoint harness, and more.

You may be wondering, how does Regal Plastics fit in with TAKATA? Well, TAKATA Seat Belts Inc. recently contacted our San Antonio branch simply for some plastic sheets. Javier Garcia, the branch manager, took their request to the next level.

 “The story is: they called me for some plastic sheets to help display their tools. I started asking the questions; what, where, and why. I then sent him a picture of carts we did for Coca-Cola. He said that is what I want to do.

  We scheduled a meeting for the following day to line out the details of the 5S tool carts for the press area. We got the basic tools needed to perform their job and did a layout of the tools. We had the designer do a drawing of the boards and got their approval on the design. The materials used for this project are the following:

– Bosch Aluminum extrusions 45 x 45

HDPE Black Texture Playground top

HDPE Black / White/ Black engraving stock

Lean Manufacturing does work.”

HDPE Sheets

Tool Cart - This is where the tools are held


Polyethylene Sheets Custom Fabrication

Tool Cart - During the fabrication process


HDPE Tool Cart

Tool Cart - During the fabrication process


Custom Tool Cart from HDPE Sheets

Tool Cart - During the fabrication process


Final production, waiting to be delivered to TAKATA

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