What Is PETG Plastic Used For?

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What Is PETG Plastic Used For?

PETG plastic has grown in popularity, and the worldwide PETG market is expected to reach $925.2 million by 2027. Its use will continue to expand thanks to its extensive list of advantages.

But what is PETG plastic used for? We'll review PETG's properties, uses and benefits.

What Is PETG Plastic?

PETG plastic, or polyethylene terephthalate glycol, is a highly machinable and formable clear thermoplastic polyester. It offers all the benefits of PET, while incorporating glycol gives it additional properties that expand its range of applications.

What Are PETG's Properties?

PETG's properties are wide-ranging. The material offers significant durability and chemical resistance. PETG plastic also has superior clarity for excellent light transmission. It provides outstanding impact resistance and good thermal stability. PETG plastic also meets FDA requirements for food contact.

How Is PETG Plastic Different From Other Materials?

PETG compares favorably to several other plastics. It's more pliable and less brittle than PET while providing better shock resistance.

Compared to acrylic, it's more impact-resistant and about five times stronger. Acrylic, however, offers better optical clarity.

While polycarbonate is more impact-resistant, PETG plastic offers greater chemical resistance and is more affordable.

In 3D printing applications, PETG is more durable than PLA and emits fewer fumes than ABS.

What Are PETG Plastic's Benefits?

Because of its low energy consumption and short production cycles, PETG is a highly thermoformable plastic. It's also well-suited to fabrication techniques like:

  • Hot and cold line bending
  • Vacuum forming
  • Milling
  • Die cutting
  • CNC routing
  • Drilling

PETG plastic is easy to cut to any desired size, and PETG sheets are available in a wide range of thicknesses, including ultra-thin options. PETG is also recyclable.

What Are PETG's Uses?

Thanks to the material's impact, heat and chemical resistance, PETG's uses are numerous. Some of the more common PETG plastic applications include:

Point of Purchase Displays

3D Printing


Digital Printing

Machine Parts

Protective Screens

Trust Your PETG Plastic Needs to Regal Plastics

Now that we've reviewed PETG's uses and properties, you're ready for the next step. Regal Plastics is the go-to supplier of PETG plastic. We can provide sheets as thin as 0.04 inches. We also offer a variety of fabrication services, including saw cutting. Order PETG plastic today and experience the Regal Plastics difference.

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