Boltaron 4330 Thermoplastic Sheet (Kydex Equivalent)

Boltaron 4330 Thermoplastic Sheet (Kydex Equivalent)
Kydex T and Kydex 100 Equivalent


Boltaron Thermoplastic Sheet is a highly durable thermoplastic alloy that comes in sheets and panels. It is available in numerous grades and thicknesses, lending it superior durability for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. One of the more popular commercial applications include Kydex gun holsters, or Thermoplastic knife sheaths. Boltaron sheets display high resistance to chemical corrosion, are easy to clean, endure impact extremely well, and are fire resistant. These characteristics combine to enhance the product’s safety, in addition to its versatility.

  • Fire Retardent Formulations
  • 9 Standard Thicknesses from .028" to .250"
  • 34 Standard Colors
  • Several Textures
  • Custom Colors, Thicknesses, and Sizes Available

Boltaron Thermoplastic Sheet is also available in specialized industrial grades that satisfy the requirements for a broad range of industrial processes, including miter folding, laminating, thermoforming, membrane pressing, brake forming and post forming. Because Boltaron sheets can be commonly used in commercial products, they are manufactured in a complete range of colors and textures that can be customized and altered to application-specific requirements.

Maintaining its appearance and its performance characteristics over the long term, this thermoplastic alloy is a cost effective choice for many projects. Common uses include medical equipment, retail fixture and commercial furniture industries, but there are over two dozen different variations of Boltaron plastic on the market.

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