CNC Plastic Machining Services

CNC machining utilizes computer guided equipment to get the most accurate cut or shape for your project. We have these capabilities:

  • Computerized Panel Saw
    • Cut – to – size sheets
    • Straight cuts through the entire length or width of the sheet
    • Produces squares and rectangles
  • CNC – Turning
    • 3-d Shapes are produced from plastic rods
    • Can produce applications from furniture legs to OEM parts
    • Huge range of plastics including acrylic, polycarbonate, high – temperature plastics, and more
  • CNC Milling
    • Complex 3-d Shapes are milled from plastic blocks
    • Most commonly used to produce manufacturing and industrial parts
  • CNC Router
    • Complex 2-d shapes and basic 3-d shapes are produced from sheets
    • Can use a wide range of different types of plastic


Not sure what plastic or service you need for your project? Our fabrication specialists are here to help. Contact us with your project specs, and we can help provide a machining solution.

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