Computerized Panel Saw

Our Panel Saw Capabilities: Straight cuts on any sheet on our shelf up to 12’ long

Average Lead Time: Two business days


Our SEM computerized panel saw runs non-stop. We cut down sheets for customers whether they need one sheet or 10,000 pieces. What do we mean when we say cut-to-size? It is any straight cut made horizontally or vertically through the entire length or width of the sheet.

We can cut any sheet on or shelf with exact or nominal margins. Most orders can be completed within two business days. 

Steps to getting your material ordered and cut:

  1. Have Questions? Call, email, or walk into your local branch (calls or walk-ins are preferred just so we can ensure the material is the best option for your application).
  2. The information we will need to get an order placed:
    1. Material
    2. Type
    3. Color
    4. Thickness
    5. Piece dimensions
    6. Quantity
  3. We put the dimensions into an itemizer that will give you the best yield per sheet.
  4. We will give you a final quote and lead time.
  5. You pay in person or over the phone, but your account will not be charged until we actually cut into the sheets.
  6. We cut the sheet. The majority of orders are completed within two business days.
  7. If it’s ready early, we’ll give you call.
  8. Come and pick it up!

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