Custom 2-D Plastic Shapes & Products

Our Capabilities: CNC Router and table router on plastic sheets

Average Lead Time: 5 Business Days

Average Hourly Rate: $125


Custom 2-d shapes are projects that can’t be completed with straight cuts on the saw. They are either completed on our CNC machine or by hand on our table router.  We work with customers to produce applications including:

  • Signage
  • Blanks for display case
  • Outdoor tabletops
  • Event displays
  • Partitions
  • Wall panels

Steps to get a project started:

  1. Send us your drawing along with material specifications like type, thickness, color, length, and width. We accept most CAD files (.dwg, .dxf, etc.). Don’t have a drawing? Give us a call, and we can set up a phone call or in person consultation. For most projects, we can help design and create the CAD file.
  2. Once our fabrication team has a good grasp of the project, we will send you a quote and general lead time.
  3. Upon your approval of the quote and design, we’ll collect a 50% deposit and give you a more accurate lead time.
  4. We complete the final drawing and get your project routed.
  5. Once it is completed and passes quality control, we give you a call.


Do you charge for the time you spend designing?

We will include the cost for us to program your project in the estimate.


Are other services included like edge polishing?

The hourly rate just covers the CNC machining, and it does not include any assembly or edgework. It is something our fabrication department has the ability to do. Just let us know in the initial consultation and quoting process. For more information, check out our 3-d shapes page.

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