Plastic Edgework Services

Edgework Capabilities:

  • Flame polishing
  • Buffing
  • Radius corners
  • Types of edges-
    • Beveled edges
    • Double bevel
    • ½ bevel
    • Chamfer
    • Bull nose (round over)

Lead Time: 5-7 days

Average Hourly rate: $125

It’s all in the details, and plastic fabrication is no different. Custom finishes on the edges of your plastic can add the final touch.

Clear acrylic has unparalleled clarity when the edges are polished, making it the most popular pick for museum quality displays, framing, and high-end furniture. Depending on the project, our fabrication team can expertly flame polish by hand or use our polishing machine.

If you are wanting a more decorative edge to finish your project check out our other edge finishing options.

  • Chamfer:
  • Beveled edge:
  • Double Bevel:
  • ½ Bevel
  • Bull nose (Round over)

Our capabilities extend beyond acrylic, to the majority of our other product lines including, but not limited to, polycarbonate, HDPE, and polypropylene. Plastic edges can be sharp after being cut, so to ensure safe handling, we can buff edges and create radius corners.

All of our locations have fabrication departments on site, so if you have a specific project in mind or don’t see the capability you need listed here, reach out. We offer free estimates and consultations.

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