Plastic Gluing & Bonding Services

Gluing plastic is actually creating a strong, permanent chemical bond. In fact, when under stress the bonded joints are typically the last place that will break. It is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect as clear material shows every air bubble, debris, and mistake. Our fabrication specialists have the experience and ability to create those flawless museum quality glue joints or durable bonds for manufacturing applications.


We primarily bond three different plastics:

  1. Acrylic – This is most commonly used for displays, vitrines, and furniture. Clear acrylic creates the most aesthetic final product with the highest level of clarity.
  2. PETG – This material is a favorite with hobbyists. It is a cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate for projects that don’t require high impact strength. When compared to acrylic, it is less brittle, but its glue joints will not have the same stunning clarity.
  3. Polycarbonate – This glue joint is primarily used for industrial or manufacturing applications. It is ideal for project that requires high impact resistance but doesn’t need the attractiveness or clarity of acrylic.

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