Acrylic Welding & Gluing

Our Capabilities: Acrylic welding with 1/8” material and thicker

Average Lead Time: 7 days

Acrylic (plexiglass) has the clearest joint when glued making it the material of choice for museum quality displays and clear furniture. When you weld / glue acrylic, it is a permanent chemical bond. In fact, under stress the actual sheet of acrylic will break before the joint that has been glued.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the steps to getting a quote or ordering my project?

  1. Have Questions? Call, email, or walk into your local branch (calls or walk-ins are preferred just so we can ensure the material is the best option for your application).
  2. The information we will need to get you the most accurate quote:
    1. Sheet thickness
    2. Color
    3. Cast vs. extruded
    4. Dimensions
    5. *Drawings* (may be required for more intricate projects)
    6. Quantity
    7. Application
  3. We send you a quote and lead time. Most projects can be completed within 7 days. It takes bonded acrylic 72 hours to cure.
  4. For our fabrication team to start on the project, we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated cost.
  5. We complete your project and give you a call.


What factors can affect the cost and time of gluing my project?

  1. The quality of joint required. We have high standards for all of our fabrication projects. However, when a customer requires a museum quality glue joint, this takes substantially more time, so we charge accordingly.
  2. The material type and thickness. For our fabrication projects, we recommend cast acrylic over extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic is a more expensive material, but it performs better when being glued. Also, the thicker the material, the more time and expertise it takes to get a consistent, clean glue joint.

Can I glue acrylic (plexiglass) at home?

To some extent, yes you can glue acrylic at home. However, gluing acrylic takes practice, and your first attempts will probably not be up to your standard. Clear acrylic is quite unforgiving, and it takes a substantial amount of practice to get a clean joint with minimal bubbles. You will need a clean area, vices, and a well-ventilated space. Any amount of dust or debris can affect the quality of the final product. Also, we mix our own proprietary blends of cement depending on several different factors. It is impossible to buy what we use at the store.

So, if you have a project that you would like to display, we’d recommend leaving it to the professionals. If you are determined to do it yourself, we’d recommend purchasing scraps or extra material to practice. Black or white acrylic is more forgiving than clear, so if you are worried about air bubbles, start there.

If I already have the acrylic (plexiglass), can I pay you to glue it for me?

We evaluate on a case by case basis, but usually no. When material is provided, we may not know the quality or how it will react to our glue. We optimize our glue for the specific material we sell, and we cannot guarantee the final product.

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