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Product Description

Common Names: Designboard

Material Pros: UV Stabilized, Moisture Resistant, Impact and Scratch Resistant

Popular Applications: Cabinetry, furniture, POP Displays

Designboard HDPE is a durable plastic sheet designed to withstand harsh conditions outdoors while still being attractive enough for high-end applications.


Product Details

Designboard has been replacing wood and metal in applications like outdoor cabinetry, point-of-purchase displays, signage, and more. It comes in unique textures and colors that mimic wood and metal while still offering the impact resistance and durability of HDPE.

Unlike other materials, Designboard is virtually maintenance free. It will not rust, and the material never needs painting. It's UV stabilized, impact resistant, and scratch resistant, so it's a perfect choice for high-use outdoor areas. Designboard does not absorb moisture, so it will never delaminate, rot, chip, or swell.

RoHS Compliant & REACH Compliant

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