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HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is a lightweight, cost -effective plastic sheet designed for screen-printed applications. 

HIPS Overview

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Common Names: HIPS, HIS,  

Pros: Impact Strength, Heat Resistant, Machinable, Cost -Effective, Thermoformable  

Popular Applications: SignagePoint of Purchase Displays, Electronics, Models, and Templates, Packaging 

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is a lightweight, cost -effective plastic sheet designed for screen-printed applications. 

HIPS is a durable, rigid, formable plastic available in several colors. Unlike some materials, it retains its impact strength and superior formability even at very thin gauges. Its impressive impact properties and ability to be easily machined and formed make it a prime choice for a huge array of uses. When you screen print on HIPS, it creates a sharp, vibrant image designed to last. HIPS is a first-choice material for many fields of application including: 

  • Point of Purchase Material & Displays 
  • Refrigeration Parts 
  • Indoor Signage 
  • Kick Plates 
  • Electrical Components  
  • Packaging Inserts  
  • Toys & Toy Models  
  • Automotive Panels & Parts 

    One example of where HIPS shines, is in the restaurant and bar industry for point of purchase displays. Liquor distributors and restauranteurs turn to this material to create versatile indoor signage and advertising material, because of its low cost and ability to be formed into a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes. Plus, HIPS is designed to be printed on, making it is one of a few materials perfect for small, up close-in-personal indoor advertising and marketing.  

    We also see HIPS being used increasingly for prototype models and early stage design in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Whether you are a small business trying to lock down the right design for a new product, or a large company looking for a versatile and low-cost material to produce an important part, HIPS is a strong option to consider.  

    While considering HIPS, be aware that it will show smudges and fingerprints without screen printing. If that will not work for your application, check out some materials like PETG or Acrylic. 

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