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Light Covers

Tired of the same old light lens?

Check out our Acrylic Colors and Patterns - a variety of colors was used to decorate the ceiling of an atrium area in an office building Polygal - it come in colors and with the flute pattern gives a different look.

How about a custom light lens - we can digitally print any pattern on the acrylic to make personalized light lens. Hotels and office building have had us print patterns in "Travertine", "Sandstone" and a "Canvas Weave Pattern". This gives you a very custom look and creates a high impact with minimum costs.

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Custom Project

What Plastic did they use?

They chose regalSTONE Alabaster as the light lens. regalSTONE, with its stone look and natural matte finish, has the organic feel that they wanted. The regalSTONE sheets were custom molded by Regal Plastics to match the curve of the ceiling so that the panels laid into a frame. This gave it a very custom look plus they were very happy with the lower cost compared to other options. They liked the regalSTONE ceiling panels so much they used the regalSTONE for the interior of the elevator cabs also!

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