Lexgard Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate

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Appropriately matched to specific levels of threat, bullet resistant laminates provide transparent ballistic protection.

Common Names: Lexgard, BR Lexan, Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate, PalShield

Material Pros: Maintains clarity, withstands repeated assaults, Ballistic and forced entry protections.

Popular Applications: Security glazing, Anti-theft

Appropriately matched to specific levels of threat, bullet resistant laminates provide transparent ballistic protection.

While no material or system can indefinitely withstand repeated assault by guns, sledgehammers, blow torches or other weapons, the exceptional performance of BR laminates gives you the time you need to protect your people and take appropriate action.

Unlike other security materials, BR laminates will maintain their clarity even after impact from multiple hits. The material will not spider web out from the point of impact, thus maintaining visibility. BR laminates can also provide increased protection from forced entry, reducing the risk of theft

Depending on your protection need, we offer UL Levels1-3:

Level 1

Thickness: 0.766”

Ballistic protection: small caliber handguns

Primarily used in locations like convenience stores, pharmacies, and retail stores to deter armed robberies and theft.

Level 2

Thickness: 1”

Ballistic Protection: Larger caliber handguns

Primarily used in locations that have increased security concerns like financial institutions.

Level 3

Thickness: 1.28”

Ballistic protection: Any caliber handgun

Primarily used in high traffic, high population locations like schools, government buildings, and police stations.

BR Laminates are easy to cut and install on site, and the material is lighter weight than other materials with equal protection. If you are looking for a UL Level 1 material

More Information
  • Multi-shot capability – can stop even close-grouped shots, maximizing full vision.
  • High impact, stress-free lamination – will not spider, crack or white-out on impact, providing vision after ballistic or physical attack. Eliminates costly replacement of broken glass.
  • Abrasion-resistant surface – easy to maintain while enhancing long-term appearance. Even graffiti may be removed.
  • Lightweight and easily fabricated – the lightest / highest performing, bullet-resistant product available. Because it is light weight it requires no added support to walls or counters.
  • Easy to Install – can be cut to complex shapes for transaction ports, speaker holes, etc.
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