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Mobile Work Stations

**Made with RegalFROST! Can be built with any of our vibrant color with a matte finish!
Height: 41-44” (no additional charge) – Over 44” will be an additional charge**

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When we were designing the desks, there were several factors that played a role in the design.

  • Mobility
    Each desk is produced with wheels. This gives our team the option to easily move their work station.
  • Durability
    Each work station is fabricated with bausch aluminum and RegalFROST. The aluminum is strong yet light weight making it easy to navigate the work stations around the office. The RegalFROST acrylic has a matte finish to help guard against scratching.
  • Customization
    Comfort was a primary concern when it came to fabricating the desks. Each sales person has a desk fabricated to their height so they are able to keep their arms at a comfortable ninety degree angle without having to stoop to see their screen. Also, the RegalFROST acrylic is available in twelve exclusive matte colors only found at Regal Plastics.
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